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Measures for Quick Restoration of Power Supply

The subsequent measures are required for quick restoration of power:

1.  The start-up procedure for the generating units should be known to everyone and working level personnel should start the machines without referring to or waiting for management's consent during the crisis.

2.  Shift duty personnel should be detained till the restoration procedure is completed before handing over charge to next shift.

3.  Survival / Auxiliary / Start-up power should be provided to the collapsed system till requirement on priority basis and power should be utilized for other reasons only after meeting these power requirements.

4.  Priority should be accorded in restoration as under:

- Survival/start - up power to nuclear units;

- Survival power to deep mines;

- Restoration of power supply to generating stations and Load Dispatch Centre(s);

- Start-up power to hydro and gas units; and

- Creation of self-sustaining islands around the generating stations as per laid down procedure.

5  Area Load Dispatch concept should be adopted during start-up to prevent jamming of communication system as well as for ease in decision making.

6  A list of telephone numbers of all the substations with STD codes should be available as communication is the necessary requirement and time is the essence during the restoration procedure.

7  Loading of generator supplying the start-up power should not exceed 80 percent of its capacity. Efforts should be made to remain the generator operating on lagging side; if not probable, at least to near unity power factor.

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