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A rectangular plate is mounted on the top of the die block. The strip is passed through the milled channel. In common, the height of the channel should be 1.5 times the stock thickness whereas width must be equal to the summation of strip width and clearance. The clearance is given to take care of dimensional variation in the width of strip. Sufficient clearance is provided around the punch for its simple removal; but clearance should be less than 1.5 times the thickness of strip. The back edge of the channel is used as a back gauge to position the strip accurately. A stock pusher is used to hold the strip against the back edge. It is also desirable to help in decreasing the wear. The wear resistance is also increased through using inserts of mild steel. The wear resistance is increased by pressing hardened dowel pin along with the back guide. This is display in Figure. The thickness of channel stripper is found out from the size of the socket head cap screw that is used to hold the strip in position.


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