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Plain Carbon Steel and Applications

Various applications of carbon steels have been explained already in Table no.2. Now some of the applications will again be explained after emphasizing the manner whether plain carbon steels are categorized. Plain carbon steels are those that contain carbon like principal alloying element. Such steels may also have minute amounts of those impurities as manganese, nickel, sulphur, silicon and phosphorous. The phosphorous and sulphur are mostly undesirable impurities and efforts are create to maintains them at as low level like possible. Their levels beyond 0.05 percent are not permissible.

As per to carbon percentage or as microscope structure the steel is split into three groups.



Dead Mild Steels Eutectoid Steels
High Carbon Steels Hyper-Eutectoid Steels
Hypo-Eutectoid Steels Medium Carbon Steels
Mild Steels
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