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Levels of Change Leadership:

Level I - Accepts Need for Change

At  this  stage,  the  change  leader  could  openly  elaborates  a  change  and  convincingly preserve the requirement for the change inside the organisation. The individual is able to put up along with vagueness and create an open and receptive environment.

Level I change leaders could be successful working on little change initiatives while given clear direction and access to more experienced change leaders for advice and confirmation.

Level II - Defines/Initiates Change

This  change  leader  could  describe  a exact  area  where  change  is required  and  could identify the leverage points for change within processes and work habits.

Level II change leaders could identify the requirement for and initiate change at the local level.

Level III - Manages Change

This change leader is able to describe an explicit vision for change based on wide organisational visions. S/he will create the effort to deliver the message or convey a vision for modify to everyone affected.  This change leader is able to redirect individual or team approaches within the face of new opportunities and include people in the change. At this stage the change leader ensures the success of change by implementation of a communication strategy, the refinement of work and organisational design models, & the facilitation of staff development.

Level III change leaders are able to translate the vision of the organisation within the context of an exact change initiative and bring this message to whole organisation.

Level IV - Manages Complex Change

This change leader knew the cultural dynamics of the current state of an organisation,   involving the hidden assumptions and the differences among the stated values and the values in practice.  At this stages the change  leader  is able to create  a strategic  practical  course,  balancing  the  current  associated  with  the  required  for rapid adoption of the desired future reality.

Level IV change leaders are able to produced change in a productive way.

Level V - Champions Change

At this many strategic level, a change leader publicly challenges the status quo through comparing it to an ideal or a vision of change.  This might cause a sense of crisis or imbalance.  That support dramatic actions to implement the change effort.  That change  leader  is  responsive  to  and  responsible  for  planning  evolution,  causing change, & transforming the organisation.

Guidelines for Leaders Involved in Change
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