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Key Competencies for Change Leaders:

We have to remain in mind in which there is no 'ideal' change leader. Particular requirements generally associate to the actual state of affairs within the organisation (example for, corporate culture, strategic relevance of the project, acceptance of the project between management and staff, time-frame, resources, etc). Therefore, an effective leader is one who is able to envision develop plans, the future, and mobilize support for organisational change. Change leaders have to be demonstrate the ability to

1      concisely, communicate clearly , & efficiently;

2      motivate team members & sustain pursuit of goals and objectives;

3      coordinate, integrate, & synthesize;

4      prepare and plan for implementation; and

5      implement strategies & tactics.

According to some experts seven critical skills are essential to become a great leader. LEADERS are an acronym for these seven critical skills.

Change leadership is the ability to energize groups responsible for implementing change projects which they might or might not buy into. Change leadership also includes

  • Defining areas for change;
  • Managing change initiatives smoothly through anticipating, preparing and responding efficiently to roadblocks;
  • Creating an open, receptive work environment; and
  • Including people at all levels in the change initiative.


The stages of change leadership competency on a behavioural scale begin with the most primary level of skill and move to the most complex level.

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