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Characteristics of Change Leaders:

Change leaders

  • frame the change in terms of output for the organisation as a full as well as the effect on the individual. Those challenge others to align themselves along with the new organisational change and give the essential resources.
  • foster and create an atmosphere which enables people to test the new change, produced recommendations, experiment along with new ways of operating, and exhibit a few dysfunctional behaviour although the change is taking root in the culture.
  • lead the change effort along with each word and action. They are the role models for the organisation. Change will leaders the responsibility to establish compelling & legitimate business purpose for change, and at the similar time to identify and overcome potential sources of resistance. A Niccolo a Machiavelli observed long ago which "whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct along with the times.''
  • show a constant dedication to forming change a reality. They focus on output and on achievement. They analyze failure to determine why it occurred, & constantly encourage others to try again.
  • interact along with individuals and groups in the organisation to explain the who, why, what, where, when, and how of the change.

Effective change leaders have to endeavour to orchestrate their organisation along with the current environment, ensuring stability to provide employees a feeling of security and at the similar time promote change to prepare for tomorrow's environment. This is a leadership paradox.

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Figure: The Leadership Paradox

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