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Parallel RLC Circuit:

Now we connect passive elements R, L, C in parallel along with one current source.

1823_Parallel RLC Circuit.jpg

Figure: Parallel RLC Circuit

As the circuit is parallel the voltage v across all of the elements remains same. The source current i is distributed along with the three elements by Kirchhoff's current law.

i = iR  + iL  + iC


i =  (v/R) + (1/L) ∫ v dt + C dv/dt

Here, we describe conductance, susceptance and admittance.

Conductance G = Reciprocal of resistance

= 1 in mho

Inductive susceptance BL =1/ X L 533_Series RLC Circuit3.png

Capacitive susceptance BC  = 1 / X C533_Series RLC Circuit3.png

Admittance Y = Reciprocal of impedance = 1 /Z

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