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Forms of Employee Resistance:

Employee resistance might take various forms: persistent reduction in outputs, increase in the number of "quits" and chronic quarrels, requests for transfer, sudden hostility, wildcat/slow down strikes, and of course the expression of a lot of pseudo logical reasons why the change will not work. There are pettier forms of that resistance could be tiresome for a manager. We present, the distinct ways which have been identified by that people, knowingly/unknowingly, resist change.

Ways in Which People Resist Change

•          Confusion - not realizing which change will take place.

•          Immediate criticism - rejecting the change prior to understanding the details.

•          Denial - refusal to accept which things have changed or must change.

•          Malicious compliance or sabotage - taking deliberate actions to undermine change.

•          Easy agreement - saying yes, without fully realizing what one has agreed to.

•          Deflection - a diversion tactic in the hope in which the issue will go away in due course of time.

•          Silence - failure to provide any input. This form of resistance might be the most hard to overcome.

So far you have learnt about the classical employee responses to change & reasons for their resistance to change. Further, we discuss the ways of managing change. But before studying further, you might like to associate the information presented so far to your own context.

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