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Intel 80386:

The Intel 80386 is a microprocessor, which was utilized as the central processing unit (CPU) of many personal computers from the year of 1986 until the year of 1994 and later. Throughout its design phase the processor was simply code-named "P3", the third-generation processor in the x86 line, but was and is often referred to as the i386. 80386 is a 32-bit microprocessor and it has 32-bit address, 32-bit data as well as it is compatible with the earlier Intel 16-bit processors such as 8086, 80286. The 80386 featured three operating modes: protected mode, real mode, and virtual mode. In the real mode, the 80386 (such as the 80286) would run just as a fast 8086. The protected mode permitted the use of all the possibilities of the 286 and the protected mode extension of the 386, particularly addressing up to 4 GB of memory. At last, the virtual 8086 mode made it possible to run one or more virtual 8086 machines in a protected environment.

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