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Random Search Optimisation Techniques - Objective Function

Objective Function

The objective beneath planning problem is to find out the optimal disassembly sequence that maximizes the net profit achieved from disassembly operations and is mathematically shown as:

                          1946_Objective Function.png

The cause is to maximize the net profit shown by objective function value Zp.

RCpsai  is the composite recovered value of part/subassembly psai,DCpsai  is the  disposal cost of part/subassembly psai′,BCpsa  is the breaking cost of joint/subassembly solj and  is the setup cost incurred if the joint/subassembly solk is broken immediately before solk+1.WsolK ,Sol K+1

The first term of the objective function indicates the composite recovered value of each part/sub-assembly constitutes and recovered the only positive contribution to the profit Zp. The second term shows the price for disposal of un-recoverable or un-economical parts. The third term consequents to the costs occupied in breaking of joints and sub-assemblies while the final term shows the setup costs incurred because of sequence whether the joints have to be broken. Final three terms decrease the whole profit attained during the disassembly operation and thus is subtracted from the objective function value.

                                                                             Table no.5: Inputs and Output for FLC








Maximum Value

Service Area Parameter




Recovered Quality









Recovered Cost



RC psai



RC psai

                                       Table no.6: Conclusion Obtained for Optimal Disassembly of Head Held Electric Drill



Joint breaking sequence



Parts recovered

P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8

Subassemblies recovered


Total Profit

54.01 units



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