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Classification And Selection Of Kpi's

All the KPIs should be determined remains in mind the consumer in the centre. For a business to keep successful and profitable, it is necessary to earn a reasonable profit. Therefore it is bound to come if the customer is delighted and satisfied.

For an electricity distribution company, the customer interaction starts from the time while an applicant needs to have an electrical connection. Upon the energisation of connection, consumer needs uninterrupted pure sine wave electricity and fast restoration of supply upon occurrence of a fault. To pay his electricity consumption bill, he needs an error free bill and facilities to pay this bill without standing in queue.

By the DISCOM's perspective, to serve its customer and to remain its promises, it is a mammoth task and it needs adequate infrastructure, resources, availability of quality & customer friendly employees, reliable power, finance, monitoring and control system, a mechanism to address varying degree of issues etc. Most of the factors are controllable through the utility but few factors are beyond its control e.g. availability of reliable and quality power etc. thus, it becomes even more significant to determine, devise and describe the KPIs keeping in view the practical aspects and measure only those attributes that are controllable through the utility.

The whole KPI exercise is presented remaining the above described philosophy in helm of affairs.

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