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Best Practices For Personal Safety


  • Use proper tools for each job.
  • Use rubber gloves / gauntlets only when

- line voltage is 5 kV or lower;

- carrying out earthing;

- opening AB switches;

- using portable telephones; and

- working on street light fittings.

  • Manage minimum distances as follows while working:

                                 1287_Best Practices For Personal Safety.png


  • Use safety belts while working on poles / platforms above 3 m height and learn the

- proper way of using and removing the belt; and

- proper way to get up or get down the pole and also the way to change direction.

  • Always use insulated pliers and screw drivers (and only on LT).
  • Treat all electrical apparatus and conductors always as live and as a result dangerous to human life unless it is positively called to be dead and properly earthed and take precautions accordingly.
  • Keep safe distance from rotating equipment. Do not attempt to handle them while working.
  • Although working on live conductors, do not roll-up sleeves as dry cloth gives some protection against shocks.
  • While more than one Low Tension (LT) circuit is laid from a transformer, ensure that street light circuits are also separate. It is better to take line clear on both Current Transformer (CT) circuits.
  • While loads on one transformer are transferred on to another, note it in the log book and intimate the duty staff.
  • Ensure all three blades of AB Switches are open before working.
  • Remember in which loose connections can cause fires.
  • Maintain discipline and the right attitude.
  • Prevent haste while working.
  • Avoid joking although working.
  • Mind your personal safety and do not depend on others.



  • Do not wear loose dresses or dresses having metal buttons.
  • Do not use shoes along with metal nails etc. Shoes should preferably have rubber soles.
  • Do not use items made of metal like chains of key bunches, wrist watch, rings, bracelets, etc. although on work as these might come in close proximity to live parts and cause serious, if not fatal, injury.
  • Do not throw tools at each other although at work.
  • Do not work if you feel exhausted.
  • Do not use rubber gloves / gauntlets should not be used for works of voltage class 33 kV and above.



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