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Field Study, Data Collection, Analysis & Application:

Before the field study is commenced, it is prudent to study the existing databank on the power distribution network in place. In our institutions, it is a common tendency that wherever data is not subjected to internal or external audit, figures are estimated. By data about material in stores, customer bills and etc., are dependable but the length of 11 kV feeders might be based on estimates as it gets extended by site conditions and might not be properly recorded. We have examples of 11 kV feeders running over 150 km while the normal length of a feeder should be less than 15 km.

Thus, intensive field study is required and the local substation officials should be informed before it is undertaken. If you wish to use GPS instruments, etc., your field work should be well planned. Interaction along with development agencies, Municipal Corporation and etc., could also be firmed up for network expansion plans. All preparatory work should be taken up so that the expensive and hard field visits could bring in the best information bank that would form the backbone for developing and analyzing the schemes. In the subsequent subsections, we present the information which is useful in this regard. It could be further enriched through the officials undertaking the field visit.

Compilation of Existing System Description of the Project Area
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