Deviations from Beer-Lambert’s Law Assignment Help

Principle of Uv-Vis Spectrometry - Deviations from Beer-Lambert’s Law

Deviations from Beer-Lambert's Law:

As per the Beer's law elaborates above, there is a direct proportionality among the absorbance and concentration. The plot of absorbance versus concentration is expected to be a straight line passing by origin. Thus, this is not always true; there are certain limitations. A law does not carry for all species under every condition. Several a times instead of a straight line, a curvature within the plot might be observed as shown in Figure.  An upward curvature, curve (a), is called as positive deviation and the downward curvature, curve(c), since negative deviation.

1038_Deviations from Beer-Lambert’s Law.png

Figure: Beer-Lambert law plots; the curvatures show deviations from the law

A few of the factors responsible for the deviation from Beer's law are as follows.

Complexation, Association or Dissociation Concentration of the Analyte
Hydrogen Ion Concentration Non-monochromatic Nature of the Radiation
Presence of Electrolytes

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