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Distribution System Planning

The requires for electrical power is growing at a rapid pace on account of rapid growth of population, industrialization and urbanization resulting in high load density pockets along with multi storied complexes. This is coupled along with manifold rise of deep tube wells on account of low ground water level and huge number of electric pumps linked to the system during the agricultural season within rural areas. In sequence to meet the future power needs of the nation, it is necessary to upgrade the existing distribution system and increase its efficiency and at the similar time decrease the technical losses. This requires proper planning:  Utilities have to plan much ahead to meet the present as well as the projected future demand for quality power supply.

In the context of the current chronic power shortage, the shooting prices of fuel and the requirement for conservation of available fossil fuel resources, you could well understand the urgency of eliminating high losses in the transmission and distribution system. The high percentage of losses in our country is a matter of national concern. The major cause of these high losses is lying of unplanned distribution system in the country. Proper distribution system planning, financial support and implementation of the plans should be able to bring down the losses and gives uninterrupted quality supply to the consumers.

Distribution Planning needs an analysis of several factors such as load growth, funds, availability of land, ecological consideration, etc. Distribution planning in a utility includes

  1. Ascertaining the time horizon for that it is envisaged,
  2. Spelling out the specific activities required in the planning process, and
  3. Implementation of plans.
Areas of Activity of Distribution Planning Planning Horizon
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