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Alert Notification

Depending upon the nature of emergency, the EMG should be put on high alert. The subsequent actions should be taken in this respect:

i)   Pre-Alert Notification: This type of notification is mainly used for disseminating a significant piece of information concerning slowly developing emergencies that could either be rectified or would take some time before they turn into a disaster.

ii)  Alert Notification: An alert notification implies that although a disaster is not imminent, aggravation of the situation could lead to crisis unless conditions improve. Plant Level EMG and local officials should be alerted that an unsafe situation is developing.

iii) Warning Notification: A warning notification implies in which a disaster is imminent; an advance action might be initiated for minimizing the damages/ rescue operations. The warning notification, denoting the magnitude of disaster should be communicated to other concerned in the region.

iv) Notification Responsibility: In case of developing crisis situation, the project authorities are responsible for issuing proper notification to District / State / Central level agencies, depending upon the severity of the disaster.

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