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Advanced Preparedness

For effective preparedness to face the disasters and to prevent last minute arrangements in panic conditions, the subsequent aspects should be covered as an organizational practice:

1          Well-documented emergency plans.

2          Data on availability of resources and buffer stocks of restoration materials.

3          Identification of key personnel: along with their skills and experience on the disaster management.

4          Allocation of budget for emergencies.

5          "Delegation of Power" at various levels for disaster conditions.

6          Mutual assistance agreements signed through all power utilities for sharing men and material resources on demand.

The EMG should manage the following:

1          Safety data pertaining to all hazardous materials likely to cause emergency.

2          Procedure of major and special fire fighting, rescue operations, first aid, etc.

3          Procedures for tackling harmful gases and other chemical leakages.

4          Emergency call out list of persons drafted for emergency control, key personnel, Medical, Security, fire safety, first aid, Police and District Administration Authorities.

5          Emergency manuals, Blown up area maps, District Phone directory, Public address system, Emergency lights, etc.

6          Identification of personnel for mock drills and training.

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