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Intervening - Managing the Transition:

This includes several steps such as the subsequent:

•          Preparing the Team: A team of internal resource persons is constituted for carrying out the interventions. If possible, this is a multi- disciplinary team that would make the interventions and help in its successful implementation. An internal resource person should be skilled in Human Process facilitation and should have undergone intensive training programmes.

•          Conducting the Activities: The interventions that have been planned need to be implemented. Employees' resistance may need to be overcome. If the approach appears to be inadequate or inappropriate, amendments required to be made. The experiences are to be documented highlighting both process and content aspects. Regular interaction along with the committee/task force members and Consultants is essential.

•          Mid Course Evaluation:     Periodic evaluation is needed for ascertaining while the interventions are bringing desired output. If the trend is positive, a follow-up is needed. Or else, it must be examined whether interventions have been made as per the plan. If planned interventions are not providing the desired output, the causes must be examined and if required, alternative interventions should be designed and introduced.

Before making the interventions, the management or facilitators should be clear about:

a)  What changes are to be made?

b)  What are the ensuring advantages for the organisation?

c)   How will modify affect the individuals who experience it?

d)  What supports and tools are required to manage transition?

Although making interventions the included persons face various types of problems. The evaluation of the emerging condition, feedback amendments and enhanced communication helps integration of the efforts.

Evaluation and Follow-up
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