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Example of Creating and Communicating Awareness:

In  BHEL,  in  the year of 1983,  an  HR  manager  was  trying  to  project  the  role  of personnel  functions  in  achieving  the  corporate  objectives  in  the  further five  years  year from  1985  to  1990.  He  realised  in which  if  the  workforce strength and turnover/sales  remain on increasing at the existing rate, then within  1990,  the  company   would  be  in  red  only  because   of  workforce strength. He got alarmed & made a series of presentations within various fora. After initial reaction, the top management in addition became aware and alarmed of the impending condition. This formed planned efforts of workforce planning under the leadership of the HR Manager. The output was that with the workforce of 1983-84 (numbering 78,000), the turnover rose from $. 800 crores to 8000 crores in the period 1985-1990.

A variety of strategies, like as publications within newsletters, quiz, workshops, sessions and presentations in management programmes might be used for enhancing awareness.

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