General Programming Functions Assignment Help

Part Programming For Milling and Turning - General Programming Functions

General Programming Functions

In this section, we will discuss some of the commonly used functions that need to be used in a program.


  1. G20 or G70 for inch units
  2. G21 or G71 for mm units

Feed Specification

  1. G98    feed in mm/min or inch/min
  2. G99    feed in mm/rev or inch/rev.

Speed Function

  1. G96    Surface speed in m/min or feet/min
  2. G97    Speed in rev/min

Tool Function

Program Number

Block Number

Miscellaneous Functions

  1. M00-Program Stop
  2. M01-Optional Stop
  3. M02-End of Program
  4. M03-Spindle Start in Clockwise
  5. M04-Spindle Start in Counter Clockwise
  6. M05-Spindle Stop
  7. M08-Coolant ON
  8. M09-Coolant OFF
  9. M13-Main Spindle Clockwise/Coolant ON
  10. M14-Main Spindle Counter Clockwise/Coolant ON
  11. M30-End of Program and Rewind
Feed Specification Miscellaneous Functions
Program Number and Block Number Speed Function
Tool Function Units

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