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Axis Parallel to the VP and Inclined to HP:

For explain the procedure, Example for alteration of position method and Example for alteration of reference line method whereas in Example of similar problem is solved through these two methods.

 Example of Alteration of Position Method

Sketch the projection of a cylinder of 60 millimeter diameter and 70 millimeter long that is resting on a point on the HP. The axis is inclined at 60o to the HP and parallel to VP.


(a)   Sketch the elevation and plan by assuming the axis to be perpendicular to HP and parallel to VP.

(b)   After that divide base of the cylinder in plan into declare like 12 equal parts.

(c)    Mark 1, 2, ... 12 in plan and 1′, 2′,... 12′ in elevation.

(d)   Respect sketching the elevation that like the axis creates an angle of 60o along with a point of bottom base in xy.

(e)   Project final plan with projection various points from first plan and inclined elevation.

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