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Goals of Organisation Communication:

Information Sharing: Several types of information are required to be shared in an organisation. These involved policies, rules, changes and developments in the organisation, such as settlement with the union, major changes, awards and rewards, etc.

Feedback: Feedback has to be provided to the employees on their achievements, for the departments on their performance; and to the management on the fulfillment of targets and difficulties encountered. It helps in taking corrective measures and making essential adjustments. It can motivate people for developing challenging and realistic plans.

Control: The management information system (MIS) is well known as a control mechanism used to ensure in which several activities are being carried out as per plans. Communication helps in ensuring like control as a monitoring mechanism and directing various aspects for optimum results as critical information reaches the appropriate level of people in the organisation.

Influence: One reasons of communication is to influence people. This is extremely clear in the case of communication from a trainer in a training group. The higher the management level, the more is the influencing role of the manager. The manager communicates to form a good climate, right attitudes and congenial working relationships.

Problem solving: Communication among the management and the union on some issues (negotiation) is aimed at searching a solution to problems. Several group meetings are held to brainstorm alternative solutions for a problem and to evolve acceptable solutions. Like communication could be in little or in large groups.

Decision-making: Communication helps a great deal within decision-making. A more significant role is played through the communication of alternative solutions and the exchange of views on several matters.

Change: The effectiveness of a change introduced within an organisation depends to a large extent, on the clarity and spontaneity of the communication. Communication among the consultants and the managers, among the managers and the employees, and amongst the employees helps in knowing the difficulties in the planned change, and in taking corrective action.

Group Building: Communication helps in building relationships. Even under conditions of severe conflict, good relations could be restored only if the communication process is continued. If communication breaks down, the group might disintegrate. Communication provides essential lubrication for proper functioning of a group. The communication of feelings, concerns, and support is particularly important in this context.

Gate Keeping: Communication helps to build linkages of the organisation with the outside world. The organisation could use its environment to increase Written communication is more effective in the transmission (and reception and comprehension) of cognitive messages. Instead, oral and especially face- to-face communication is more effective in bringing about changes of opinions and attitudes.

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