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Dependence syndrome:

The dependence syndrome of the subordinates heightens the tendency to filter information. In a superior-subordinate relationship, the subordinate is, commonly speaking, dependent on the superior for his/her advancement. Studies show that the greater the dependence of the subordinate on his/her superiors for the satisfaction of his/her requires the more his /her tendency to filter information of an unfavourable kind. The subordinates are commonly unwilling to communicate unfavourable information while they feel that their superior has the power to punish them in someway. Only positive aspects of performance are likely to be communicated upwards.

The superior-subordinate relationship itself develops a gap between the two. People are more comfortable in communicating with persons of equal status as their own. Communication with persons of higher or lower status is likely to be formal and reticent rather than informal and free. You may have seen that the parking space, bathrooms, refreshment rooms, cabins with stylized furniture, carpets, for the CEO is earmarked. Such symbols accentuate the gap among different hierarchical levels and tend to widen the communication gap.

Perhaps, you might have read that among the several characteristics of Japanese style of management is the removal of status symbols. For example, under the Japanese system there are no separate cabins for managers; the uniforms for workers and managers are the same; they eat the similar food in the same cafeteria. All these are intended to reduce the gap among the workers and the managers and bring about a better understanding of the problems of the organisation that is the chief objective of organisational communication.

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