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Short Circuit Test:

This test is performed to find out the copper losses and the series parameters (Req and Xeq) of the equivalent circuit of the transformer. This test is conducted on the HV winding side and LV winding in short circuited. The connection diagram is illustrated in Figure. A very low voltage (5-8% of the rated voltage) is enough to circulate the full load current under short circuit. The shunt branch parameters m,ay be neglected in this case as the I0 is very small (0.1 to 0.5%) under the condition of very low voltage. Whereas conducting the SC test, the voltage on HV winding side is slowly raised from zero to till the value transformer draws full load current. Record the meter readings.

144_Short Circuit Test.jpg

Figure:  Connection Diagram for Short Circuit Test

Voltmeter reading = Vsc volts

Ammeter reading = Isc  Amps

Power input     = Psc Watts

The wattmeter reads the copper losses (Psc), watts

Zeq = Vsc /I sc

R eq =   Vsc/ (I sc )2

  2199_Short Circuit Test1.png

Req and Xeq are the ohmic values referred to the HV winding side.

Therefore short circuit test and open circuit test gives the parameters of the equivalent circuit of the transformer and also the efficiency and voltage regulation of the transformer.

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