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Demoralises the Employees:

There are a few management practices which affect the morale and motivation or willingness of employees to give their best or work in the desired manner. A few of these practices are:

1. Under assignment: If a skilled man is assigned an unskilled or routine job, it may cause frustration or job dissatisfaction and thus demotivation.

2. Over assignment: If a good worker is overloaded to the point where s/he Motivation feels which s/he being exploited, this might make her/him lose interest in work. In big organisations, it is a rather general practice to overload good workers as others cannot be trusted or depended upon.

3. Buckmastership: Superiors or leaders preventing hard work themselves and passing on the same to their subordinates, and then finding fault with them might erode employee motivation.

4. Coercive types of control or supervision which may provide a worker a feeling that s/he is not being trusted may also demotivate her/him or erode her/his interest in the work. Some control no doubt is necessary but if it is too coercive resulting in frequent warnings or punishments, or withdrawal of facilities to chasten the employee, morale and motivation of the employee are bound to go down.

5. Manipulative behaviour of the management that might take the form of divide and rule policy or tactics, making promises that are not fulfilled, encouraging groupism and appealing to the patriotic sense in times of national crisis, might also have a demotivating effect. While employees perceive such behaviour, they lose interest in work.

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