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There are also program flow commands. These are jumps or branches. They have many different names reflecting the way they do the jump or on what condition causes the jump, as an overflow or under flow, or the results being zero or not zero. But all prevent the normal sequential execution of the program, and jump to another place, other than the next instruction in sequence.

Jump on Condition (of a Bit)

These instructions let you make a jump depend on whether a certain bit is set (a 1) or cleared (a 0). This bit can be the CY (carry) flag, the Z (zero) flag, or any other bit.


There is also a variation on a jump which is referred to like a CALL. A CALL does a jump, but then eventually comes back to the place where the CALL instruction was executed and continues with the next instruction after the CALL. It allows the programmer to write little sub-programs, or subroutines, that do repetitive task needed by the main program. It saves programming time because once the subroutine is written; it can be utilized by the main program whenever it requires it, a kind of way to create your own instructions.

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