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Tool Engineering and Management

Tool engineering is a very important area of production engineering. It includes metal cutting, pressing, and several work holding devices. Metal cutting is the operation wherein thin layer of metal is eliminated by wedge shaped tool. Metal cutting is commonly related with industries like aerospace, automotive, home appliance, etc. The machining of metal and alloys play a vital role in the range of manufacturing activities including ultra precision machining of extremely delicate components.


After studying this unit, you should be able to

  • Understand the fundamentals of tool engineering,
  • Classify the tooling and machine tools, and
  • Identify various types of operations performed on different machines.


Basic Layout Operations Basics of Tool Engineering
Design Of Die Making Tools Design Of Fixture
Design of Forming Tools Design of Guideways and Spindle
Design of JIGS Design of Machine Structures
Design of Metal Casting Tools Design of Sheet Metal, Blanking And Piercing Tools
Design of Single Point Cutting Tools Layout Work and Safety Issues
Tool Management in Advance Manufacturing Systems Tools for Basic Layout
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