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Introduction To Mechanical Design

Design is a process that ends in creation of something which will satisfy some requirement of a person, society or group of persons. The buildings and homes whether we reside, the dams which store water for irrigation or generation of electricity, an engine that is used for pumping water or a hoist for lifting loads are the things such are designed before they are made. The design does not be appropriate to a single device, product or structure or even something that can be seen to exist. The process of design can attain a system that can be identified by its physical entity or by service that is rendered by system.

The process of design will consider into consideration all the factors such would likely to "Engineering Design" affect the performance of the ending system. The constraints in respect of materials to be utilized, the processes for changing size and shapes, the personnel to employed, the cost of components and personnel, transportation of last product or establishment of last system, such will be brought beneath consideration in the design process. If the ending result is product then its disposal after it has served its reasons is also to be considered while during design.

"Mechanical design" is one of some design processes that ends in systems provide for doing specific mechanical work or creating specific desired motion and often both. Those devices will require enough capacity or strength to bear forces, such result in doing work and creating motion. The probability of adopting most economic and convenient process of shaping material to build the system or device will usually be the priority of design. Remaining the cost low at each step to make end product more economic will also be the central consideration. Creating that designs will need designer to have several specified experience and knowledge. In this expiation we will try to generate requisite knowledge. Several experiences may be gained through resolving problems.

Objectives After studying this lesson, you must be capable to:

  • Describe what is design?
  • Explain the machine and its designer,
  • Demonstrate the procedure of design,
  • know material employed in mechanical design
  • Know the consideration for manufacturing.
The Procedure Of Design Theories Of Failure
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