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The improvement of technical knowledge from the dawn of history has been accompanied and to a larger extent, completed possible with a corresponding graphic language. Today the intimate connection among engineering and its general graphic language is more vital than ever previous to and the engineer, who is unaware, or deficient in the principal mode of expression in his technical field, where is professionally illiterate. This is accurate is shown through the fact such engineering drawing is a needed subject in virtually every engineering school in the world. The drawing is a graphic demonstration of an object, or a part of it. The art of demonstration of engineering objects as like buildings, machines, roads, parts and so on. Upon paper is identified engineering drawing. Modern engineering creates enormous numbers of articles, every first designed and represented in the form of a technical drawing, and then manufactured on the origin of this drawing. Designing an item includes making sketches, suitable calculations and technical drawings.

Hence, drawing, identified as the language of engineers, is single of the fundamental subjects of engineering education.


After studying this unit, you must be capable to understand like:

  • Significance of drawing for engineers,
  • Various drawing instruments and equipment used for drawing,
  • How to employ various drawing equipment and instrument,
  • Standard layout of the drawing sheet,
  • Standard practice for writing letters, and dimensioning, drawing lines
  • Various kinds of scales used in engineering drawing and selection according to need, and
  • Various conventions and signs on the drawing.


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