Marketing Intermediaries Assignment Help

Marketing Environment - Marketing Intermediaries

Marketing Intermediaries

Marketing intermediaries are firms that help company to sell, promote and distribute its goods to last buyers.

1). Resellers are distribution channel firms that help the company find customers or make sales to them.

2). these include retailers and wholesalers who resell and buy merchandise.

3). Resellers  frequently  perform  significant  functions  more  cheaply  than  the  company  may perform itself.  However, seeking and working with resellers is not simple because of power that some demand and use.

Physical distribution firms help company to store and move goods from their points of origin to their destinations.  Instance would be warehouses (that store and defend goods before they move to next destination).

Marketing service agencies (like as, advertising agencies, marketing research firms, media firms, etc.) help company target and promote its products.

Financial intermediaries (like credit companies, banks, insurance companies, etc.)  help finance transactions and assure against risks.

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