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Manufacturing Systems - Integration and Control - System Architecture


The manufacturing industries are here in the midst of innovative technological revolution. Such revolution, characterized with the increasing application of computers for both automatic control and information processing, has led to considerable changes in the techniques of manufacturing. Within the earlier stages of industrial improvement, the emphasis was on the improvement and application of "hardware" that is either on the craftsmanship or machine originality and power utilization. The newest revolution is brought about via advances in computer and information technologies that put more emphasis on information and control than upon hardware sophistication. This enhancement of advanced manufacturing technology or AMT has noticed more attention and led to the enhancement of new manufacturing techniques and their application in the given areas as:

Programmable Equipment as the "Hardware"

  • Computer-controlled work centers or CNC etc,
  • Robotics and another automation scheme,
  • Automatic inspection equipment and so on.

Computer-Aided/Computer Integrated System (The "Software")

  • Computer-aided design or CAD,
  • Computer-aided manufacturing or CAM,
  • Flexible manufacturing systems or FMS,
  • Computer integrated manufacturing or CIM, and
  • Artificial intelligence or AI in manufacturing and so on.

It has resulted to perform manufacturing, planning and control activities in a much formal and highly prearranged manner making the industries companionable to exceedingly desired market.

Be it in the region of software or hardware system, the "automation" has played its role to the fullest and possibly exceeding to what was contemplated. Automation technology is one by which a procedure is accomplished with no any human assistance. This is implemented utilizing a program of instruction combined along with a control system such executes the instructions along with the assist of modern computer and communication technologies. To automate a procedure, power is necessary, both to drive the procedure itself and to control the program and operate system. Even if automation can be applied in a broad variety of areas, this is most closely connected with the manufacturing industries. In reality, this was in the context of manufacturing merely that the term was first coined via an engineering manager at Ford Motor Company in 1946 year. In the manufacturing enterprise activities are automated can be roughly summarized into the given categories:


Such activities are improved caused by employment of powerful Computer-aided design workstations.


Powerful computation permits many simulation trials to determine a better solution in decision making for illustration: an optimal machine-tool selection and operation allocation can be acquired through repeated simulation runs.


Input devices for example: sensors can gather and converse information to computers or humans such are utilized by system in decision making development.


Computer systems might apply techniques of artificial intelligence or AI, for example: neural networks, knowledge-based logic to enhance the quality of activities. A robot system might be recovered automatically from error circumstances through decisions made via artificial intelligence programs.


Distributed designers can work mutually on a common design project throughout a computer supported collaborative work or CSCW software system.


Logistics flows of packages and products are maintained and monitored with networked computers.

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