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Strategies to Manage Difference Response Patterns:

- Recognise & Reward Desired New Behaviour: If individuals see in which latest attitudes and behaviours are being rewarded, they are more likely to accept change and behave accordingly.

-  Provide Time and Opportunity to Disengage: Individuals frequent respond to strategic change within a sense of personal loss. They mostly mourn the passing of the old order before they become psychologically committed to the future state. You could facilitate this psychological transition through giving time, opportunity, and settings for individuals to celebrate the past as well as to see the promise and opportunities within the future.

These are some meaningful strategies other than there is no universal strategy for overcoming resistance to change. Therefore, managers required a complete repertoire of change strategies. Remaining in view the four distinct response patterns and transition behaviours discussed later, several strategies could be used to help individuals to successfully cope along with change.

Table: Strategies to Manage Difference Response Patterns

Response Pattern



  • Help in dealing with stress, fear, and frustration.
  • Competent leaders & peers who are able and willing may help.
  • A safe or supportive environment to rebuilding self-esteem.
  • Phased-in transitions along with success-loaded mini- challenges.


  • Understanding and help in coping with anger and guilt.
  • Encouragement, Feedback, and support from a competent boss.
  • Coaching and straight talk.
  • Phased-in transitions along with a bridge from the old to the new.


  • Close supervision and careful monitoring.
  • Project & individual assignments that are not line management.
  • Developmental assignments which are safe for the organisation and push the employee.
  • Forced self-awareness!


  • Protection from attempting to be all things to all people.
  • Latitude, air time, & assignments within impact.
  • Developmental roles and assignments.
  • Rewards and reinforcement.
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