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Role of a Change Leader:

The behaviour of change leaders has an enormous impact on what value employees place on making or breaking the proposed change. Research has display in which the root causes of failures of several organisational change programmes were a lack of change leadership and poor management of employee resistance to change. Therefore leadership plays a very significant role in making the change happen. The most significant thing which the change leader could bring to a changing organisation is the passion, conviction and confidence in others. Leaders could use various techniques to take charge of change rather than easily reacting to it. The subsequent classic skills should be endured through the CEOs and Managers for successful change management:

1  turning in to the environment;

2  challenging the prevailing organisational wisdom;

3  communicating a compelling aspiration;

4  building coalitions;

5  transferring ownership to a working team;

6  learning to preserve; and

7  making everyone a hero.

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