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Key Roles in Managing Change:

A number of individuals are included in implementing, facilitating, & stabilising the change procedure in an organisation and they play a significant role in the process. Prominent among them are Change Makers, Change Agents, and Change Leaders.

Change Agents

A Change Agent is a person who pilots the transformation of a company within an organisation of eminence through

1          Giving direction during the planning phase,

2          Facilitating the implementation procedure,

3          Supporting those who set off the changes, and

4          Mobilising those who resist the change.

Who could be a Change Agent

A change agent might be a manager or non-manager, a full time organisational development professional, or a leader of a division charged along with the responsibility of bringing about change within his/her area.

A typology of change agents has been established based on the subsequent four categories:

  • A change agent could be an individual, a group, or it may be an organisational unit;
  • There organisational position could be either internal/external;
  • There cultural background could be indigenous/non-indigenous, governmental or private, or a combination of both; and
  • An organisation system could be an economic, commonwealth, service, mutual advantages, or community system.


Change Makers Internal - External Change Agents
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