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Principles of Management:

You might either be a practicing manager or are aspiring to be one. Your first concern, thus, should be to know the tasks that you are expected to fulfill to achieve your targets. Once you are aware of your responsibilities as a manager, you have to get down to the details of in fact performing all the tasks. For this, you must know the several systems and processes involved in management. It does not matter while you manage a private or a public sector commercial company such as a power utility or a non- commercial organization like a state/central business outlet. The principles of managing an organization remain the similar.

Here, we start along with the introduction of the systems concept and see how it could be applied to organizations. We elaborate the management processes of planning, organizing, controlling, motivating and leading. We then explain the values in terms of organization and the significance of work ethics, the role of corporate governance and ethics. You will also learn about the significance of management of projects and contracts. Lastly, we discuss the significance of supply chain management and the importance of performance management in a company.

Further, we discuss the concept of customer relationship management that is perhaps the most significant aspect of managing an enterprise.

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