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Motivating and Leading:

Having established plans, controls and an appropriate structure to achieve the organisational objectives, the manager has to get her/his people to work. Motivation is the desire or feeling within an individual which prompts her/ him to act. Each individual has requires, desires and drive, that are collectively referred to as motives and channelise the behaviour and action towards achievement of begin objectives. The manager's role is to influence every individual's behaviour and action towards achievement of general organisational objectives. For example, the management of your utility has taken steps to motivate you to study this programme for achieving certain goals! What are those steps?

Money is the most generally used motivating factor in the form of salary, bonus, incentives, commissions and rewards. Salary or wage is of course the primary motivation, but the poorer the economic background of an individual, the greater the motivational value of money. Therefore, once a primary salary or wage is assured, to motivate people to work a little extra and achieve higher revenue generation or upscale sale figures, incentives and commissions come in handy. Most sales organisations use salary plus incentives to good effect.

It is an old saying that humans do not live through bread alone. Living in a social order, they find recognition and status through work and achievements. The status or position which an individual enjoys in an organisation, the number of people who work for her/him, the non-monetary advantages and perks are significant motivational factors.   Actually, sometimes these are as important, if not more, as the actual take-home pay packet.

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