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Transformers near Balanced Loading

Some Tips to Operate Transformers near Balanced Loading

1. Connect single phase load on every phase of distribution transformer, so in which at the end, current in each phase of transformer will be almost equivalent. It has been seen that, linemen or wiremen linked the single phase load to the lower phase of a pole. It might be because of illiteracy and/or hesitation to connect the single phase load on the top phase of pole. The distribution utility must ensure supervision of the job at the time of connecting new single phase load to prevent such practices.

2. In a few distribution utilities, transformers do not have current measuring instruments and, thus, continuous surveillance cannot be completed to check whether distribution transformer is evenly loaded (Balanced). In that case, the current must be measured for all phases through using Clamp-on-Meters, at least once during peak hours and a record should be kept. By analyzing the past trend, the average current could be computed. But due consideration must be given to changing weather conditions and/or extra loads because of festivals, etc.

3. Providing Solid Earthing to the neutral of transformer.

4. Using proper size of Blow-out-Fuses.

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