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Formulating the Energy Plan and Acting on It

Having recognized the places where your home is consuming and losing energy, you will require assigning priorities to your energy required through asking yourself a few significant questions such as:

1  What is the energy consumption for several services in your home?

2  How much money do you spend on energy?

3  Where are your greatest energy losses?

4  How long will it take for an investment in energy efficiency to pay for itself in energy savings?

5  Can you do the job yourself, or will you require hiring a contractor?

6  What is your budget and how much time do you have to spend on maintenance and repair?

                                    15_Formulating the Energy Plan and Acting on It.png

                             Figure: Energy Consumption in a Typical Urban Household

Once you have assigned priorities to your energy requirement, you can formulate a whole-house efficiency plan. Your plan will give you along with a strategy for making smart purchases and home improvements which maximize energy efficiency and save the most money. We provide below some suggestions for saving energy.

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