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Capacity Building

DISCOMs have to not only manage the day to day operations but also manage the explosive growth, so it is twice task. At the top of it, consumers are becoming more and more demanding, resulting that DISCOMs need additional capabilities. The capacity building might be creation of assets, performance improvement or human resources skill upgradation. Here, we are concentrating only on Human resources skill upgradation aspects.

Main Features

The major points associated to measuring and regulating consumer service are:

• Business Function: The consumer is the fulcrum for present business; every strategy requires to be built keeping in view this fulcrum. Consumer does not know about the departments, roles and responsibilities of any individual, internal processes impediments etc. inside the company, he needs a superior qualitative product/service at a low cost inside the shortest probable time frame. It creates require for the organization to work in a cross functional team rising above the cage of traditional thinking and generates versatile managers conversant with different functions and ready to take extra burden on their shoulder to meet the customer requirement. It does not obviously come by as a God gift, neither as learning provided in academics nor through virtue of simply doing the job along with full honesty and versatility. It has to be created and developed through imparting the training.

• Training Plan and Calendar: Nothing could be achieved if not properly planned and executed. Each organization should prepare a training plan, allocate resources as per the plan and maintain a calendar for its monitoring and implementation.

                                                            Capacity Building - Proposed KPIs

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