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Termination And Origin Indication:

Dimension lines display distinct terminations or that is either arrowheads or oblique strokes or, whereas applicable, an origin indication.

(a) Two dimension line terminations and an origin indication are justified as below there:

  • The arrowhead is drawn as short lines forming barbs at any convenient angle among 15o and 90o. The arrowhead may be closed, open or closed and fitted in diagram.
  • The oblique stroke displayed as a short line inclined at 45o.

2330_Termination and Origin Indication.png

(iii) The origin indication drawn like a small open circle of approximately 3 mm in diameter in diagram.

189_Termination and Origin Indication1.png

(b) The size/dimension of the terminations shall be proportional to the size of the drawing on which they are used.

(c) One style of arrowhead termination only shall be used on a single drawing. Conversely, where space is too small for an arrowhead, the oblique stroke or a dot may be substituted.

(d) Arrowhead termination shall be displayed in the limits of the dimension line whereas space is available. Where space is limited, the arrowhead termination may be shown outside the intended limits of the dimension line that is extended for that reason.

880_Termination and Origin Indication2.png

(e) Only one arrowhead termination along with its point on the arc end of the dimension line shall be used, whereas a radius is dimensioned as displayed in diagram.

2049_Termination and Origin Indication3.png

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