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Drawing Equipment and Instruments:

Drawing Board:

Drawing-board is rectangular in shape and is completed of strips of well-seasoned soft wood. The wooden strips are cleared on the back through two battens through means of screws. On the left-hand edge of the board, a directly ebony strip is fitted, against

1233_Drawing Board.jpg

 Figure: Drawing Board

That stock of the T-square moves. Drawing board is completed in various sizes. Its choice depends upon the size of the drawing paper to be utilized. The given are the sizes of drawing-boards recommended with the Indian Standards Institution as:


Size (mm)


1000 X 1500


700 X 1000


500 X 700


250 X 500

For employ in colleges and schools, B2 and B3 boards are more suitable. B0 and B1 boards are utilized in the drawing offices of engineering firms. A drawing-board is located on the table in front of the student, along with its working edge on his left side.

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