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Basic Definitions about the Alternating Quantity:

Here we take the instance of sinusoidal form of alternating current.

853_Basic Definitions about the Alternating Quantity.png

Figure: Sinusoidal Waveform


It is the one complete set of positive & negative half of any alternating quantity.

Time Period

This is the time required in second to complete one cycle of any alternating quantity.


Number of cycles per second is known as the frequency of alternating quantity. This is the reciprocal of the time period and its unit is cycle per second or Hertz.

                                                          f = 1/T (in Hertz)

In America and Japan it is 60 Hertz.


This is the peak or maximum value of the alternating quantity. In Figure, Im indicate the amplitude of the current wave.

Phase Angle and Phase Difference
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