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Logical Group:

This group carry out logical (Boolean) operations on data in registers and memory and on condition flags. The logical AND, OR, and Exclusive OR instructions make you able to set particular bits in the accumulator ON or OFF.

1.      ANA     Logical AND along with Accumulator

2.      ANI      Logical AND with Accumulator by Using Immediate Data

3.      ORA     Logical OR along with Accumulator

4.      OR       Logical OR with Accumulator by Using Immediate Data

5.      XRA      Exclusive Logical OR with Accumulator

6.      XRI       Exclusive OR by Using Immediate Data

The task of Compare instructions is to compare the content of an 8-bit value along with the contents of the accumulator;

1.      CMP    Compare

2.      CPI       Compare by Immediate Data

The task of rotate instructions is to shift the contents of the accumulator one bit position to the left or right:

1.      RLC      Rotate Accumulator Left

2.      RRC     Rotate Accumulator Right

3.      RAL      Rotate Left by Carry

4.      RAR     Rotate Right by Carry

Complement and Carry Flag Instructions

1.      CMA    Complement Accumulator

2.      CMC    Complement Carry Flag

3.      STC      Set Carry Flag

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