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Branch Group:

The branching instructions change normal sequential program flow, either conditionally or unconditionally. The unconditional branching instructions are given below:


1.      JMP     Jump

2.      CALL    Call

3.      RET      Return

Conditional branching instructions check the status of one of four condition flags to resolute whether the specific branch is to be executed. The conditions that can be specified are given below

1.      NZ        Not Zero (Z = 0)

2.      Z          Zero (Z = 1)

3.      NC       No Carry (C = 0)

4.      C          Carry (C = 1)

5.      PO       Parity Odd (P = 0)

6.      PE        Parity Even (P = 1)

7.      P          Plus (S = 0)

8.      M         Minus (S = 1)

Therefore, the conditional branching instructions are specified as follows:

  • Jumps  Calls   Returns
  • C          CC       RC       (Carry)
  • INC      CNC     RNC     (No Carry)
  • JZ         CZ       RZ       (Zero)
  • JNZ      CNZ     RNZ     (Not Zero)
  • JP           CP      RP       (Plus)
  • JM       CM      RM      (Minus)
  • JPE       CPE     RPE      (Parity Even)
  • JP0       CPO     RPO     (Parity Odd)

Two other instructions can influence a branch by replacing the contents or the program counter:

  • PCHL    Move H and L to Program Counter
  • RST      Special Restart Instruction utilized with Interrupts


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