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Implementation Of Immune System To Control Fms - The Implementation Procedure

The Implementation Procedure

The implementation of the CLONALG on the underlying problem is described by the given procedure:

Basic Structure of CLONALG for Machine loading problem:

Some Terminologies


CLONALG: (P00nmM,n,f,Cs,I,u,,, δ)

Pn0 = Population set of antibodies along with population size n

Pn0 = {a10,a20,a30,............,ak0,....an0};; here ak is the k set in ith generation

Mtm = memory set of antibodies with memory size m in tth generation

f = fitness value; Cs = Constraints; l = String length;

 u = Updation limit; δ = Step size; T = Termination criteria;

 Pseudo Code

Initialize* Pn0

Set Mm0 # 0;

While (t! = gen_max)

Evaluate {Pt , Ag} ;

Pst  = Select { Pst , s}; ∀s ≤ n

/*based on fitness value s antibodies are selected from population */

Pclt # Cloning (Pst ) ;

/*Selected antibodies are cloned as per Section --*/

Phmt = Hyper-mutae(Pclt)**

/* cloned antibodies are hyper-mutated employing the Parallel mutation as per Section --*/

Evaluate {Phmt , Ag ) ;

/*calculate the hyper-mutated antibodies*/

Pbt    # Best (Phmt ) ;

/*Select b best antibodies from hyper-mutated antibodies*/

t tt - 1

Mtm = Update {Pbt , Mt-1m }

µ = Mtm - { Mtm ∩Mt-1m }

/* μ = No. of new antibodies entered into Memory set in ith iteration*/

If (µ > d)

          1957_The Implementation Procedure.png


end if

The Solution Obtained

Resolving the undertaken machine loading problem along with CLONALG yields result as represented below:

Optimal Job sequence            :           J1, J7, J3, J4, J5, J6, J2, J8

System Unbalance      :                      14

Throughput     :                                  48

Jobs Rejected  :                                  J2, J6 and J8

Normalized Objective

Function value :                                 0.796354.

The optimal job sequence as acquired by the CLONALG shown above. The minimum system imbalance is found to be 14 and the maximum throughput acquired is 48. The objective function value described in the result is acquired after normalizing for enumeration cause. The result is observed via coding the abovementioned algorithm in C++ language and run on a P4 processor.

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