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Human Resource Management - Line and Staff Functions


For particular dynamic and growth-oriented organisation to survive in a quick-changing environment, HRD activities play a very critical role. In India Current economic restructuring at the macro level affect the need for production restructuring at unit level and manufacture restructuring necessitate labour restructuring vis-a-vis restructuring of HRD activities in organisations. The prime goal of HR manager is to develop a worker's efficiency and a firm's profitability as investment in HRD develops a worker's skill and increase motivation. The other goal of HR manager is to avoid obsolescence at all levels.

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In a sense, all of the managers are HR managers as they all get involved in activities such as, training, selecting, compensating employees. Today, yet most of the firms have the HR department headed by a person having requisite qualifications in behavioural sciences. How do the duty of this HR manager relate to the line managers' HR duties would be an exciting question to answer. Line managers have the ultimate responsibility for gaining the organisation's goals. They also have the right to direct the work of subordinates. Usually, staff manager helps and recommendation line managers in acquiring organisational goals. HR managers are staff specialist. They assist line managers in areas as, choosing, recruiting, training and compensating. In a broader context, managing people is every manager's business and successful organisations combine the experience of line managers generally with the experience of HR specialists whilst utilising the talents of employees to their supreme potential. HR managers ought to win the hearts of employees working alongside line mangers and distribute results in a cost-effective manner. HR managers as mentioned earlier are supposing a greater role in top management planning and decision making-a trend that show the raising realisation amongst executives that HRM may make important contributions to the success of an organisation.

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Integration Function Maintainance
Managerial Functions Motivation and Compensation
Procurement Functions Role of HR Manager

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