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Control at the Supervisory Level or Corporate Level

Within most organizations, the activities of marketing, customer order servicing, quality control, process planning, inventory management, production planning, material control, cost accounting, etc. are supported via such level. The strategic management employs a central database that contains current information about the company, including data on production, quality control, material handling equipment, machine tools, and assembly facilities. Access to each lower database is performed via the hierarchy of control and computers.

The long - and short -range production schedules are drawn up and their exact execution is monitored. In condition of production problems, automatic rescheduling is begins.  As the same, quality data are composed and compared to quality standards. Whether necessary, corrective action is initiated.

Such control level has to assure about all factory activities are precisely synchronized, and after any production problem is reported instantaneously, and that corrective action is taken. There should be alternative production machines and computers accessible to keep the operation within an equipment breakdown. The computer will have diagnostic abilities to check itself and the performance also of lower hierarchical controllers and such of production machines. Whether a standby computer is utilized, this will be updated constantly.


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