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Objectives of Grid Management

1. Reliability comes along with integrated grid operation for smooth evacuation of power from generating stations and its delivery at the states' periphery.

2. Security comes through managing the system parameters such as frequency, bus voltages, line loadings and transformer loadings inside permissible limits. It includes stable and smooth operation of the grid, that is minimum interruptions of power, either by tripping of single grid elements (like generator, transmission line, interconnecting transformer, HVDC back-to-back pole) or grid disturbances including tripping of a large number of grid elements concurrently or even a total blackout.

3. Economy comes through merit order generation, optimization of hydro resources, minimization of losses and judicious inter-regional exchanges. It envisages getting the cheapest power to the customers by minimization of transmission losses and ensuring in which the cheapest generation is used first, then the further costly generation and so on.

4.  Quality in electric supply is now gaining significance. The parameters of quality are voltage, frequency and harmonics.

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