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Grid Management Functions

Grid management involves

  1. forecasting (demand pattern);
  2. Planning (unit commitment, outages, resource scheduling);
  3. Coordination (among stakeholders);
  4. Supervision (grid parameters);
  5. Real time operation and control for optimal utilization of available resources in the grid, which includes

-   Scheduling,

-   Monitoring, and

-   Restoration of grid;

6. Off-line operational planning including grid security issues, restoration of grid and commercial issues or billing.

We should talk about these aspects in detail in the next section.

The load dispatch centre is primarily responsible for management of the grid. Its several functions: ex-ante (a Latin term meaning before-hand), real-time and post-facto (meaning after the fact) are given in Table.

Table: Grid Management Functions




-Forecasting demand for the forthcoming period

 -Scheduling of resources at


-Planning the grid element outages like generator maintenance, etc.

 -Providing for open access transmission corridors.

-Resource re-scheduling as and when required

 -Implementation of proper contract of service as entitled

 -Supervising and

controlling grid parameters

 -Ensuring real-time  balancing of resources

 -Ensuring grid security and reliability

 -Coordinating the outages and load shedding

-Reporting events occurring in a grid operation

 -Analyzing the events that occurred

 -Collecting the energy meter data

 -Processing the data collected

 -Energy accounting

 -Operating the pool account,unscheduled interchange account and the reactive energyaccount.


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