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The hyperbola can be described like a curve generated via a point moving hence at any position the variation of its distances from two fixed points or Foci is a constant and is equal to the transverse axis of the hyperbola. This definition of hyperbola is the basis for the construction displayed in diagram.

For construct a hyperbola sketch foci F1 and F2 and the transverse axis AB as per the specified data. By using F1 and F2 as centers and any radius R1 greater than F1B, strike arcs. Along with these similar centers and a radius equal to R1 - AB, strike arcs intersecting the first arcs at point P. here point P is on the desired hyperbola. Repeat this procedure and situate like many additional points like P1, P2 and so forth, as are desired to form the hyperbola. Connect these points via smooth curve or along with a French curve to draw the hyperbola.


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